The Handybook team goes bowling!

Hi, this is Zeke from Handybook! I’m a senior at Harvard and I am spending my summer working with Handybook. I help out with the operations and marketing efforts here, and so far, the summer has been great fun!

Some of you may already know me from the interactions I have with you by phone or email. I enjoy getting to know each and every one of our customers, and part of what is really special about Handybook is the effort we put in to try and make our customers feel special.  So feel free to call our number 617-910-4813 if you ever have questions about our service (or even if you just want to say hi!)

We work hard here at Handybook, and the last couple of months have been quite intense.   But we also like having a good time, and every couple of weeks the whole team gets together and we go out for drinks, dinner or something else. This weekend we all went bowling! We’re a competitive bunch  so this was a good opportunity to get all pumped up. Humbly, I must admit that I was the winner this weekend (yes, Nacho, I was!).

We’re growing quite fast here at Handybook, and what I really like is the fun collaborative working environment that exists in the office. A fun culture is key, and I think it’s a top priority for all of us. I’m looking forward to the remainder of the summer, and feel like I’ve learned a lot over the last 2 months.

I hope you are all enjoying Handybook’s service as much as I am enjoying working here. Let me know if you have any questions!

- Zeke

Handybook – where did it all start?

Unsurprisingly, a question we often get asked is where did the idea for Handybook came from? While we actually thoroughly enjoy answering this question, and hope to keep answering it as Handybook grows bigger and bigger, we also think discussing how started would make for an interesting first blog post.

So here’s the deal – Like most of these stories go, was borne out of frustration. Or more specifically, out of frustrated attempts at booking a cleaner in Boston. Oisin and I (Umang) were roommates at Harvard Business School, and given the lazy people that we are, we wanted to hire a cleaner to help get our shambolic apartment into some sort of shape. Like most people would, the first thing we did was a quick Google search for finding a good cleaner in Boston. We then tried online classifieds and some more new-age websites that promised a smoother booking process. Here’s what we found:

1.     There is no instant booking: You simply cannot book a service provider easily online. You know how easy it is to buy a book on Amazon? Well, ask yourself – why can’t you do the same for a cleaner? Or a plumber? Or a handyman?

2.     It’s very hard to find a convenient time: Ok, so once you find a provider, how do you schedule a time? We found you do so by making sacrifices – you settle for a time when the provider is available. Why should that be the case? If you know you want a cleaner at 6 pm on Thursday, right before you have some friends over, you should be able to make that happen.

3.     You have no idea how good or reliable the provider is: If someone you personally know hasn’t booked a provder, lets say a cleaner in this case, how would you know if someone was the right person? We found ourselves continuously asking this question.

In many ways, is just a simple answer to these 3 problems. Internet hype aside, all we try and do is make your life a little easier. We want to let you book any service you want within 90 seconds – there’s never any waiting involved here.  You can book for whatever time you like – so you never have to make sacrifices. And finally, you can stop worrying about quality and safety – we take great pains to screen all our providers. This includes interviews, background checks, reference calls and identity verifications. Every single Handybook Professional meets our high standards of trust and quality.

At Handybook we want to change the way people buy services online and make people’s lives a little bit easier.

Thanks for reading. We’d love to hear your feedback!

The Handybook Team